Frameless Blue World Map

Image of Frameless Blue World Map

These unique travel maps float on your wall — with a really simple mounting system, it's quick and easy to hang, in just five minutes.

The Print
The meticulous design may go unnoticed, but these are skillfully and individually hand-pulled silkscreened maps, printed using water based inks for the finest detail and brightest colours possible on 100% sustainable cork, with a recycled pin-retaining softboard core. Designed with no location names our world map simply shows the longitude, latitude and equators, with country borders printed as finely as possible – so that at a distance you won't notice them, and up close you can see each country. They also feel great!

The Size
At 121cm x 60cm x 3cm (47.6” x 23.6” x 1.2”) and weighing around 5kg, they're pretty light!

Also Included
They come with a simple wall mounting system, three screws and three wall-plugs to securely hang it on your wall with. PLUS 25 white flag pins to get you started, and if you’re an avid traveler you may want add few more to the order!

Production & Delivery Times
We have a limited amount of prints in stock, so currently production is around 3 weeks for a skinny map + 3 days to ship it within the UK & Europe (some countries may vary). Each map is hand-made to order in Christchurch, England.

Shipping Fees
See FAQ’s page for more info.

For more information
See our Frequently Asked Questions on the FAQ’s page.


Image of Frameless Blue World Map

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