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Framed with the most notorious of woods on the planet!

Named after one of the most prolific explorers in history, Sir Ernest Shackleton, whose ship, Endurance, was perhaps the strongest wooden ship ever built—with the notious wood, Greenheart.

In an epic struggle of man versus the elements, Shackleton set out to become the first to traverse the Antartic continent, and lead his team on a harrowing quest for survival over some of the most unforgiving terrain in the world. Icy, tempestuous, seas full of gargantuan waves, mountainous glaciers and icebergs, unending brutal cold, and ever-looming starvation are their mortal foes as Shackleton and his men struggled to stay alive.

What happened to those brave men forever stands as a testament to their strength of will and the power of human endurance.

The Frame

This limited edition frame (one of two) is made from the notoriously tough and hard to source wood, Greenheart, which is said to be as valuable as gold!

Traditionally Greenheart was used for boat building, bridges, sea defences like groins and piers, and amongst other things, Longbows, due to it’s stiffness, strength, water resistance and natural infestation resistant properties.

This particular wood was reclaimed locally (to us) from the old Lymington Pier on the South Coast of England.

The UK instituted a ban on its import of Greenheart back in 2016, which accounted for a staggering 23% of all exported Greenheart lumber from Guyana in South America. It is still used a lot in the Caribbean instead of Pine.

It’s infamous for it’s poisonous splinters and exploding shards whilst being machined. In fact, several saw blades and drill bits were even lost in action whilst building them, blunted and broken by the shear hardness of the wood! But don’t let that frighten you, it’s perfectly safe now!

The cracks in the wood were filled with a Golden liquid resin, and polished up with a beautiful Tung Oil, to protect people from the peril of a tiny splinter!

The overlapping clockwise style of the frames joins were inspired by an African style frame we previously made and named after the famous Scottish explorer of Africa, David Livingstone.

To finish it off I welded together a black steel fascia and mounted it to the wooden frame with precision Black Marine Stainless Steel screws.

This is the heaviest frame I’ve ever made. They say Greenheart is worth it’s weight in gold and it certainly feels like it.

The Print

Each print was meticuously and designed hand-printed with silkscreens. In fact, we’re so meticulous about the prints that some don’t even make the cut!

The prints were designed without location names, for the keenest travellers – people that know the world like the back of their hand. Our world map simply shows the longitude, latitude and equators, with country borders printed as finely—and clearly as possible—so that at a distance you won't notice them, but up close you can clearly see each country.

The meticulous design may go unnoticed, but these are skillfully and individually hand-pulled silkscreened prints, printed for the finest detail and brightest colour possible using eco-friendly water based inks, on to 100% sustainably produced cork.

They even feel great to touch!

Let’s face it, nobody likes those cheap cardboard pinboards or super hard to push-pin-in pin-boards that are so hard to push-pins-into that your super cool well travelled Grandmother would break a finger trying to get them in and only a body builder could use! Our boards are so good, even a baby could push a pin into them without a pin falling out, but we wouldn’t recomend letting them.

Our cork is harvested from the most abundent cork forests in Portugal and manufactured to our own exact specification, with our ‘secret’ recycled pin-retaining softboard core (sneakily hidden between the front and back layers of that beautiful cork), for that perfectly firm, yet soft, subtle, pin-pushing feel and sadly satisfying “pin-retention”– yes, retention so good, and graineage so beautiful, you’ll wish we made plain pinboards!

You’ll definitely never look at cork the same again.

They’re so incredibly tricky to print that we import the cork and hand-print them here in the UK where we can closely manage the quality of the printing process. Sadly not all prints make it… Misprints are common, due to the nature of hand-printing. Some are scrapped (or recycled), which is about 1 in 4 prints! Believe me, it took a lot of misprints to get the print quality THIS good.

Yeah, that’s why they’re not cheap.


At 144cm x 83cm x 3.5cm and weighs in at around 25kg! Definitely needs two people to carry and hang it.

This is such a unique and heavy frame that we must arrange custom delivery pricing and arrangements for this item, because it does not fit any of our standard packaging and is very heavy! If shipping abroad we will pack in a wooden container.



Image of The Shackleton World Map Image of The Shackleton World Map Image of The Shackleton World Map Image of The Shackleton World Map

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